Tarana Husain Khan

Media & Events

Himalayan Echoes

I have moderated two panels on Food at the Kumaon Lit Fest, ‘Himalayan Echoes’ and my interviews have been published as under:

In Conversation with food writer, Charmain O Brien at ‘Himalayan Echoes’, the Kumaon Lit Fest.

Sanchaari Sanskritk Parv

I am an engaging and passionate speaker with a spark of humour. I love to give lectures, presentations and conduct workshops. With sixteen years experience of being an educator, teacher and counsellor to young students, I am in my element when faced with an audience of eager school children.

TOPICS: I speak on a range of topics which can broadly be classified into Creative Writing and Rampur.


  • Food history
  •  Forgotten Foods of Rampur
  • Aspects of Culture and Identity


  • So you want to be a writer: How to start writing.
  • Finding your unique voice.
  • Developing memorable characters.
  • Art of Plot outlining.
  • The End of it all: writing an ending that resonates.